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Passion for Fashion

Hola there - 

Hope everyone is going great !

Just wanted to let you guys know about this new blog I started ...
Its about something I absolutely love and almost live for  ~ ~ ~ fashion !!!!!!! ( so many exclamation marks and many more to express how excited I am :) )

Yes... after adhoc fashion related posts ( like this, this , this ) - I finally decided to dedicate a blog to my love for Fashion.

I love fashion, talking about fashion , finding  fashion in everything ( outfits, home decor , kitchen cutlery... basically everything ) - then why not write about fashion :) - Righto ?

I welcome you to read my blog, follow it and give me feedback like you've always so kindly done on this blog :)



Friends & Family

Thinking about friends and family makes my heart feel like a marshmallow. I miss them so much- living 3000 miles away from home does that to you.
But wait!! Did I digress before even starting with what I had on my mind? Classic!!

Let’s try this again!!  I want to talk confess about my “Friends and Family” event problem. The friends and family that I am referring to is the annual sale at Saks Fifth Avenue. (My favorite departmental store …!)The Saks friends and family event is that event of the year where most of the stuff is 25% off !Its not one of those flash sales events where things get sold out if you blink, however, the popular sizes definitely are pulled away from beneath your eyes. I literally live this day...its marked way in advance on my calendar and there are no social events planned for the night before.

I love brands – no secrets there, but what I also love – is a great deal (who doesn't ? )

The online sales begin at midnight – so that’s when I retire early for the day, cozy up in my bed and start filling my shopping cart. Think that’s crazy? Well – the hubs does it as well.
Picture this … its 10pm …2 hrs. before the most awaited day of the year. The hubs and I are in bed, furiously filling our shopping carts, there’s too much pressure ...the clock is ticking… so much to buy, so little time.
And then its time – for the grand finale of the show. The main hero – the credit card comes out, takes a bow and goes back into its cove with a sense of great achievement.

This year, between the hubs and I, it was around 6 big boxes.
 A lot is still getting shipped. Some of the stuff is pre-order collection . While we wait anxiously for my passionate hard work to make it to my closet, I am already counting the days for the next event J