Brand Prostitution

It’s not the tallest tower in the world, or the artificially made palm islands that are still stuck with me. I am back from a vacation in Dubai and not sure what part of the city I shall be keeping with me for a long time – the super-cleanliness and the impressive management and architecture of the city OR the fake-brand markets.

I have expressed earlier my aversion for fake things, but what Dubai had in store is beyond my imagination. The city tour guide who was giving important exclusive information about Dubai – interesting facts, stories, tips about shopping and along with all that did mention about the “copy market”. Initially I dint realize what that would be – but when we entered the Gold Souk ( Gold Market) of Dubai – where on one hand Gold jewelery was ostentatiously displayed, on the other hand the fake business was in full force.

Instead of calling it business – I should rather call it as brand prostitution. Because the way it is conducted is no less than the prostitution we see in the movies.

Picture this - Men standing outside almost each and every shop and without making eye contact with you – they would go – bags? Purses? Watches? Louis Vuitton? Burberry? Prada? Oh my God!!! Out of curiosity Mom and I agreed to see their booty. Now the pimps as I’d prefer to call them don’t have their “stuff” displayed easily. We were taken through narrow streets and then to some dilapidated building whose elevator definitely was creepy. And taking us to the top floor of that building – a small room which was locked from the outside and the key is given to all these “pimps”.

Once we entered inside – the place was bustling with European and African tourists. But the stars of the show – all the walls were covered with purses from almost all designers – LV,Prada,Burberry, Dior,Fendi. Besides they had watches from Tag Heur, Rado, and Cartier… The pimps sell those as the “first replica: - whatever that is !!!

What’s more interesting is the designs these bags were in – some dint even have any resemblance to the original designs. Now for a person who is not a connoisseur of brands – these might come across as genuine. But a close look – and you see that a small thread is coming out or may be the inner-living is not leather . I saw various interesting creations at that shop. Some of which the LV designers couldn’t have come up by themselves either. But what does need a mention is the LV dustbin!!!

Almost every girl in Dubai had either a LV or a Prada or a Burberry. Now I know where it all came from ;)

I would never buy a fake – but one thing I couldn’t resist was the LV blanket that I saw at a general store near my hotel. The store owner dint even know it was the LV print…and was trying to prevent me from bargaining for the “flower-print” blanket.I eventually got the “red-LV-suede-blanket” at a verrrry reasonable unimaginable price. And for the record - I dont consider it fake - coz Louis Vuitton doesn't even have something like this especially in this red this is actually an original LV-print creation - ALLRIGHT ? :)

I have to say that Bombay is not far behind in the brand prostitution business. I saw something being openly sold in stores – that would probably make the late Louis Vuitton stir in his grave … LV Lingerie!!!


  1. Ohh recently i saw one of my Dubai friend posing with her lV bag i thought she is doing exceptionally well in her job...Now i know the reality..Knowing this reality those who actually but it will be taken as fake only...

    But the dustbin was a killer man..and i liked your red color LV blanket..Fundoo hai

  2. I agree with you completely on brand positioning.
    But coming to Dubai, the only thing I liked about it was --SAFARI and the GOLD SOUK.

  3. @Anamika i agree completely with u on that... the people at loss are the ones with the genuine ones...

  4. I think I should get my LV wallet verified from the LV store, since it was a gift from YOU ;-)

  5. @Amit hahah..very funny
    I'd rather be found dead than be caught with a fake something... u know that :D

  6. what about ur LV speedy????????? u sure it is genuine
    but i still think there are many who cannot pay the huge amounts for the original ones
    but they would like to have them
    so they go for fake ones
    so what
    even it is fake
    atleast it will give them some satisfaction when some one will comment oh! it is a LV or Prada
    by the way u can get a prada in India for just 700 rs
    want one?

  7. I hate the Fake one's, who is soo much in Love with few brands!!!
    Nice girlie, u picked an LV!!!

  8. Get over with the LV craze. Some things are best only dreamt!!! Life has more realities to teach about!

  9. Great Post Neha..keep it up. You sure do inspire me to write.

  10. An interesting post about LV bags:

  11. I think its ok to indulge in these fake's ...... when you dont have the money, no harm in having the fake's and realizing your dreams ...........
    dont agree with the article at all .............