My Soul-mate

You are the only one who can make me fall in love with you over and over again- each time I see you. There is this amazing inexplicable quality about you that draws me towards you each time I go away.

My connection with you dates so long ago that I don’t even remember the time when we struck the chord. I’d rather not sit and count the number of years we have had this relationship as it will seem too meager. I sometimes feel that you know me more than I know myself and I say this with great reason. You have always molded yourself in ways to adjust to my moods and have come across in ways that have always made me open mouthedly realize how can someone be so embracing.

I have always had my tantrums and have compared you to others at times – only to feel guilty because there can be just no one like you. Some of my friends criticize you for various reasons … they sometimes don’t like the way you look or sometimes think that you are too much maintenance and very expensive to be with. But the funny part is- inspite of that, I know they love your company and moreover make great plans to be with you. That’s your charisma.

Coming back to us – we have spent so many intimate moments together that I don’t see anyone else I can ever be so close to. You have given me niches in you when I was sad and wanted solitude and were with me when I was highly exuberant and wanted to celebrate. But we have had our ups and downs too like any other relationship. I wouldn’t be too modest in saying this – you have given me a lot on one hand but have taken back as much from me too.

Today we have been separated by distance... by the decisions I have taken... but I know and almost everyone around me knows how much I love you. How difficult it is for me to be away from you. And how much I crave each day to come back to you...

But I know that it won’t be too long that we will us away now… for I know that being with you is what completes me... like a soul-mate.

So Bombay meri Jaan… we shall be soon together. Inshallah :)
As there is no one who can make me fall in love with oneself – just again and yet again!!!


  1. ha ha !!!! Oh gosh I am sure u will be truly a romantic person at heart..But trust me leaving behind the night life saadi delhi rocks;)

  2. welcome back to the blogging world.
    when I started reading your post, I felt a tug at my heart ( I hope you understand what I mean)
    then for a split of second I thought may be You are talking about me( high hopes I have) :-)
    by the time I reached the last line I was completely mesmerised by your emotions
    and suddenly i woke up from my fantasies and realised who your love is.
    only you can be so dramatic in expressing your emotions.
    I am eagerly waiting to see you in the arms of your lover once again.
    I hope the day arrives soon.
    say Amen

  3. @anjugandhi mom...ur comments are no less dramatic either.. haha

  4. Haha mumbai meri jaan! That was a romantic touch ;)

  5. Hm hm.. that's interessting but honestly i have a hard time visualizing it... I'm wondering what others have to say....

  6. hey ...really nice.....first time on your blog and enjoyed the post the starting i flowed with the romantic wind an din the end i saw the lovely mumbai...thats nice landing yaar....
    do visit my blog too..