Finding "home" in the most unexpected place

If I say I was terrified the first time I walked in ,it would be an understatement.
Yes , I wasn't the first one in the world who had a first day at work, at their very first job - nevertheless I was entitled to my fears and feelings.
Don't get me wrong , nothing could suppress my excitement and energy to step into the "real world". The fire within to prove myself, the passion to go nowhere but up, the upbringing that made me strive to be liked by all - there was a lot to work for.

I think its the fear of the unknown that is the most intimidating. I dint know anyone I would be working with and therefore dealing with unfamiliar personalities was daunting. The work itself was challenging , yes , but that's what I was there for , wasn't I ?

Everyday was a new challenge - work wise as well as from the point of view of working with new and different people. As time flew by, I started knowing people around , I started understanding my work and started making a place for myself in there.

I think I just breezed through each day. When people around me complained on Sundays about the weekend being over , I secretly longed for Monday to come so that I could be with the people I had begun to love so much.

There were colleagues, mentors, friends and role models. It was a place where every word you said was heard and respected. A place that offered opportunities not only to grow upwards but in all directions.

It was gratifying to be in a place where people acknowledged you and your work. The atmosphere was very professional and yet comfortable. Now comfort is a two edged sword. Where on one hand we do everything to be comfortable in whatever we do and wherever we are , it also means that it will hold us back from finding out if there are more comfortable things. I loved my work , the people , the place a lot ... but I realized if I dint leave ..I would have never left.

Making this decision,made me realize something else,something so big,that can only come from the most professional,mature and respectable people.There was always support at every step I took, even when I decided to take the step - to move out.

Today when I look back 5 years , I remember the day when I thought my knees would unbuckle and I would fall down, but I also remember that I dint take me too long to start walking as if I owned that place. Finding all good people in the same place is rare , but I am fortunate for having found that place with those people.

I miss the work, the environment , each and everyone very much . People around me say its unusual and some find it rather funny. I simply call it passion.
I don't remember a single day that I would complain about.
I learnt a lot, grew tremendously , met and worked with the best people.

I worked here, slogged here ,struggled at times , celebrated many times ... and before I knew it - it had become home !!


Pick those Pockets

Pockets.. don’t we just love them? Isn’t that where dad took money out from :) If you live in New England, you just cant deny that there is definitely some chemistry between those cold hands and the oh-so-cozy pockets .

I simply love dresses with pockets… they can playful and flirty – one hand in the pocket , one on your waist with a slight hip thrust , OR they can create the I-am-all-business-look-better-pay-attention-look so very effortlessly.

I came across this Sonia Rykiel dress and cant wait to put my hands on it or rather in those cute patch pockets.




Pockets on your dresses are right on trend…chic, cute, convenient !! so empty those pockets and go get some !!!