Those Angels out there

Everyday we come across people who touch our lives in a certain way. And in our so called busy schedules we just forget or rather overlook them.

Just a few months back when I was on my way back to Boston from New York – Now going to NY is like going to Lonavla from Bombay, if you know what I mean. The same distance, the same traffic if you miss the right hour and the same excitement. Coming back from New York is always a pain because the drive invariably gets extended because I could never leave New York at the “right” hour. Some store, some sale or something delicious to be eaten would always play a prank in holding me back. On my way back from one such amazing trip, I stopped at one of the Subways (fast food restaurant) to get a quick sub and get back on the highway as it was getting really late. Almost 35 miles and 3 exits later, I got a call from an unknown number which I completely ignored as it was so distracting and I was really in a hurry to get back home. Another 5 min passed and the seemingly persistent caller called back. Annoyed due the traffic, late hour coupled with the guilt of not hitting the route to Boston on time, I just answered the call. Apparently it was someone from AAA (roadside assistance service in USA) to inform me “Mam, your wallet and keys were found in the parking lot of Subway in Connecticut and they are holding it there for you. “Now…. Can you imagine the gamut of emotions I must have gone through in that one instance…? I couldn’t even understand that why someone from AAA would call me and how would they know and how the hell did I leave my purse … so baffled that I could hardly thank the person enough for the call. I went back almost 40 miles to the Subway to get my wallet with its contents zeroed down would sum up my life ( house keys, license, school alumni and library card , debit card, 2 credit cards, $100 forever21 store credit card , insurance cards , a $20 bill , and the lucky AAA card ,– none of these actually with my cell number on them ) Someone found my wallet lying in the parking lot and actually took the pains to call AAA and give them my AAA account number and look up my cell number and have them contact me. Now, to be honest, if I were to find a wallet in the parking lot, all I would have done is to hand it over to the concerned store. But to actually go through the wallet, find the contact information of the owner and if not easily available, search for something that could link the person… wow. I mean…that’s a completely different story. When I reached Subway, the person had already left with no name or number. I had no ways of thanking him… but if it were not for his honesty, presence of mind and concern – I would have been struggling to get my things back on track for atleast a month.

My cousin was in the Bean town from Chi town and we were chilling out at the Prudential. I was on the phone when I entered the restroom and maybe just left it there. Cousin and I left the towers and started walking towards my University (Northeastern) Almost 30 minutes later when his phone started ringing, impulse or instinct – I felt the need to check to my own cell phone. And there it was --- missing! Now the thought that atleast 1000 people use the Prudential restrooms every hour – the chances of getting my endeared iphone were so bleak. Numerous thoughts came to my mind–Apple would give me a replacement for double the original price and losing $400 from my new bag fund, the trouble I would have to go through to get my contacts, and then chiding myself for procrastinating to take a back-up on my laptop. On checking with the security desk at Prudential, apparently someone had handed over the phone to one of the janitors who further handed down to the Security office.

Now imagine if the person would have thought differently or if the janitor would have cared less and not bothered handing it over – I mean if it were not for those 2 genuine people, I would be fretting over on the phone with ATT and Apple to give me some discounts to get a replacement and not to mention the trouble to get the numbers congregated over all these years!!!

Therefore I say that there are certainly some angels out there who in the disguise of genuine souls help us in making so many things just a smooth sail for us.
Don’t you agree?

I am sure you too have some such stories to share - do tell me about them :)