Racism - trying to get some answers !!!

I am not sure if I more humiliated or more angry at this moment, but I am definitely hurt. Nothing too heartbreaking yet not something that can be ignored.

Many a times, I have heard people complaining that they have been targets of racism in a foreign country. And each time I heard stories like these, I was nothing but confused, because I have been in the United States of America from the last 4 years and I don't have a single moment of regret. Never ever in the university that I attended, the places I worked at, or the current office that I am now - I have seen even a fraction of bias because I am a foreigner. Infact the experience has been just too good, totally un-blotched.

However, today at my gym, someone made me realize that racism does exists and it does not have to exist at the corporate or executive level, but even in the most mundane activities, one can be targeted. I see this lady everyday at the gym and in my usual manner (irrespective of whether I know a person or not, I without fail give a smile and sometimes to the extent of leaving the opposite person amused) Anyways, this lady (L) – a complete stranger and I, have been co-incidentally hitting the gym at the same time since the last 6 months and invariably everyday she doesn't not fail to knowingly ignore me. I don't mind if my smile is not returned and also that she would show no sign of recognition everyday is also excusable. I always gave her the benefit of doubt (as taught to me by my friend).But today, when I entered the gym, L was on one of the steppers and the TV was on. She had her iPod on and was gazing into the infinity obviously not watching the TV. I signaled to her asking her if I could change the channel - she took-off her ear-phones and looked at me and pretended to not understand. So I again politely asked her, if I could change the channel and then... she gave me one of the most derisive looks ever and very insolently replied - "No... I am watching it". Even if she wasn't watching it and refused to me, it would have been ok. But after sometime, a fellow-country man walked up to her and signaled at the TV. Apparently she had no problem with that anymore and very willingly handed the remote to him. Now what should I call it?

I am obviously hurt because I have never been rude to her and I can’t think of anything that I have could have ever done to set her off against me. May be I am getting a little extra sensitive here, but now that I think of her coldness towards me, I can put two and two together.

What is happening in Australia is something I totally condemn. If you are unable to give equal respect and acceptance to someone not from your country, then do not give the permission to enter in the first place. In my opinion one of the overbearing cause for these racist attacks, is the social, economic and intellectual affluence of the Indian students abroad, which brings out the inferiority complex in such violent manners.

On the same lines, the curse of racism is not only experienced by foreigners...but how different is India from within when it comes to open acceptance of people from different races? Is everyone getting everything that the democracy claims to be?
Inspite of being One-Democratic-Secular country – pedestrian jobs, college seats, higher posts are all blemished with the bias towards race.

What has happened to the so-called communal tolerance?

Is the concept of “One-World" just a fashion statement?

Is the sense of morality and equality completely non-existent?

The differences made on the basis of color, language, race, nationality, caste, sub-castes are prevalent in some form and some place almost everywhere. Instead of doing anything about it – the media makes the most buck out of this bang and we are silent observers, passive victims or mere loud noise-makers.

Neither of this helps. I am uncertain as to what to do about this, but I am sure to find out.

Please help!!!


Made for each other


I never quite identified with it, considering I am so possessive about my things, that “never hold on” was never an option.

But, just last week did I witness this and as much as I don’t want, I believe in it now. I won’t take any names, but this story is about a friend whom I shall replace with myself and narrate. Ok ?

All this started when I was all excited to meet this guy from school on a date. One day he emailed me that he’s going to be in town and if I would care to meet him over coffee. Do I care? Oh hell, yes! I do and I do so much to the extent that I go to buy a new dress including a very expensive, infact exorbitantly steep jacket to don with it.

He did comment on how good I looked, especially how pretty my jacket was, but it turned out that it was just an insouciant meet, no string attached kinda thing. As disappointed as I was, I realized spending all that moolah over that stupid jacket made no sense. So, I just went to the store and returned that “alleged” no-help jacket back to the store. (One good thing in the States – you can return anything anytime if you have the receipt)

Two Months later …

The boy and the date were history. I started to fall for this another guy, who suddenly one evening called me up and invited me for lunch the very next day.

Very next day??? Isn’t that’s too short of a notice – I don’t even have anything to wear for the date. Next day, I get up and rush to the mall to get ready for my date (as you see, I buy something new for every occasion). I scoured all stores but just nothing that appealed. Reluctantly, I walked to my jacket store and saw the same styled jacket which I had taken a few weeks back. The fact that it atleast looked pretty and fit me so well last time, I decided to try it. Got one for my size and off for my date :)

This guy too commented on my sexy jacket, but umm – no sparks flew during the lunch and I realized he’s just not my types. So I decided to return the jacket yet again. While checking the pockets before finally packing it off – guess what I found ….

The receipt of the coffee that I had had 2 months back !!!

Consider it - the same design and the right size were still in the store after two months and inspite of having a zillion options to choose from, I chose this one again… and not only the same style, the same size… but the same exact piece.

Whoaaa… looks like neither of the two guys were made for me …but the jacket… definitely was. Well this time, I shall not let it go :)

Isn’t that definitely “made for each other “ . What say you ?
Have any “made for each other” stories to share?


Audience - you are important !!!

I am watching a television show and I am so infuriated right now- I don’t know if this is a correct expression or not - have heard it somewhere “I can feel smoke coming out of my ears” !!!

The reason for my rage is the audience of the show.

At a comparably non-entertaining performance, they interrupt the performance by a buzzer in between or by shouts of boos or with a roiled applause.
Many a times, in college events, I have seen such immature and brazen behavior oozing out of such tearaways. Impetuous acts such as turning backs to the stage and clapping – or by indecent warbling at the performer are often witnessed at such events.

If it is something that does not interest them then why don’t they understand the alternative of just ignoring it or simply waiting for it to end? It’s understandable that every form of act happening in the show or the stage may not be something you might be interested in – but its not that the show is going to go on for eons. Aren’t they patient enough to bear something for a few seconds than to hoot and shoo someone away?

Does this behavior make them look “cool”?

Do they even realize what it takes to step up that stage, there’s so much involved in a small act - mettle to face the crowd, hours of practice, fear of not-being accepted, jitters about losing, anxiety, victory over stage fright … and yet with shaky legs and high spirits a performer musters enough courage to step up…and the audience, blows away all that in just one unrestrained act.
Do they realize what it could do to the self-confidence of the person on stage that the person might not be able to stand up again for the fear of such a reaction? If you are not capable of stepping up on the stage, atleast do what you are supposed to do correctly - be a good audience.

It is as crucial as the performance.

On a much lighter and immensely proud note – I want to congratulate Mummy darling for winning the “Best Blog of the day” award. I think she righteously deserves it and more than anything this is motivation for momma to keep her blog active and for us to to get more and more good reads.
Congrats mumma… Mwuaah !!!

On a constructive note - today had my tryst with the “Sanders” and so in awe with the tools available for cutting, shaping, smoothing wood. Working on a small project for my room – will talk about it more when done :)