Audience - you are important !!!

I am watching a television show and I am so infuriated right now- I don’t know if this is a correct expression or not - have heard it somewhere “I can feel smoke coming out of my ears” !!!

The reason for my rage is the audience of the show.

At a comparably non-entertaining performance, they interrupt the performance by a buzzer in between or by shouts of boos or with a roiled applause.
Many a times, in college events, I have seen such immature and brazen behavior oozing out of such tearaways. Impetuous acts such as turning backs to the stage and clapping – or by indecent warbling at the performer are often witnessed at such events.

If it is something that does not interest them then why don’t they understand the alternative of just ignoring it or simply waiting for it to end? It’s understandable that every form of act happening in the show or the stage may not be something you might be interested in – but its not that the show is going to go on for eons. Aren’t they patient enough to bear something for a few seconds than to hoot and shoo someone away?

Does this behavior make them look “cool”?

Do they even realize what it takes to step up that stage, there’s so much involved in a small act - mettle to face the crowd, hours of practice, fear of not-being accepted, jitters about losing, anxiety, victory over stage fright … and yet with shaky legs and high spirits a performer musters enough courage to step up…and the audience, blows away all that in just one unrestrained act.
Do they realize what it could do to the self-confidence of the person on stage that the person might not be able to stand up again for the fear of such a reaction? If you are not capable of stepping up on the stage, atleast do what you are supposed to do correctly - be a good audience.

It is as crucial as the performance.

On a much lighter and immensely proud note – I want to congratulate Mummy darling for winning the “Best Blog of the day” award. I think she righteously deserves it and more than anything this is motivation for momma to keep her blog active and for us to to get more and more good reads.
Congrats mumma… Mwuaah !!!

On a constructive note - today had my tryst with the “Sanders” and so in awe with the tools available for cutting, shaping, smoothing wood. Working on a small project for my room – will talk about it more when done :)


  1. thanx for congratulating me. I was thinking that you have forgotton.

    waiting to see the results of your two days labour. I am sure it will be something remarkable as isme tera khoon pasina ( pun intended)dono laga hai

    now coming to your post. who knows better than you of stage fright. I still rememebr your first attempt at poetry recitation in your nursery days.and how you forgot when u came in front of the audience. But if i had not pushed you again to go on the stage and recite once again ( so what even if it was after the cometition was over) you would not have surprised every one even your teacher with your fairy act.
    and then ------- rest is history.
    you and your innumberable stage performancee, participaiton in kavi sammelans, dance comeptitions, elocution, plays, auditions and ofcourse the reharsals at our own stage in the hall.
    it requires lots of guts to go on the stage and face the audience and hear your voice echoing in the whole auditoriam or stand on the stage and dance. I admire the guts of all the performers.
    the immature behaviour of people who hoot or misbehave and show no decorum and lack the qualities required for good audience -- may be they are letting our their fears, complexes and pure jealousy as they are not on the other side of the auditorium and they dont have the guts to do what the one on the stage is doing.
    people who are weak or guilty often resort to such aggressive and moronic acts

  2. I think I know which show you are talking about. I hate it too. For this reason and many others!! Congrats to mom. She truly deserves it!! And looking for to your wood project. Good luck with it.

  3. congos to mummy darling..

    and sometimes bad behavior from audience can decide the strenght of the performer.. the wilter from the last man standing..

  4. mob mentality.
    one person displays his inadequacy and the rest follow.

    fear, complexes and pure jealousy??

  5. I agree with every word. It takes a lot to get up there and even just stand, forget performing! The fact they are up there on the stage, performing is a fact enough to appreciate anybody. But, when has anybody ever understood another's situation unless & until they go through it themselves...

    Nice post! & Congrats to Aunty :)
    It's nice to see your mom blogging. Think I'll suggest it to my mom too :)

  6. it has been neha's sole efforts during all her performances. i don't deserve any credit .she is the one who takes the pains, I have seen her practising her dance steps or her presentations all alone at mid night

  7. well ya, i do agree on that, its hard at least for starters in any field, just imagine to muster up so much courage to go on the stage/platform and finally getting boo'ed for no fault of theirz...thats mean!!

    Congratz 2 mumy darling :)

  8. Thank you for your visit and sweet comments. I'll be back... :)

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  10. Anju maam is ur mom!!..aaha..all the gandhi s r on bloggersville!! :P

    Oh btw...the idea is to look "cool" by booing...i know its lame but i ve done it so what can i say :P..hehe...



  11. Both my daughters perform on stage and I have seen the amount of hard work that is required to put up a show. I dont understand why people should heckle or boo a performance. If one doesn't like it, one can surely just refrain from clapping at the end.

  12. Oh wow... just landed at ur blog.. great one .. but I think the best part is ur pic .. u look gorgeous :-)

  13. Hey Neha, nice blog. I enjoyed thoroughly reading your posts.
    I know exactly how it feels when'smoke comes out of you ears'.
    On a serious note, i do agree that 'booing'is uncool.It's rude to interrupt any performance however bad it is.But to think of it, it is all about 'acceptance' and 'rejection' on your face.There are of course sober ways of doing so.It is done more professionally in a corporate board room meetings.Rejection by body language that is ;-)
    p.S. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments :-)

  14. I agree with you about the audience issue...we do have a responsibility to support those who take the stage...brave the stage? Great blog here. <3

  15. It is important to know your audience otherwise you do not know how to effectively communicate with them on their terms and stand to waste advertising dollars pitching to the wrong audience or not pitching appropriately.

  16. I can still hear my Mother say, there's never an excuse for rudeness...pity no one taught these people that very important lesson! Congrats to your Mummy on Post of the Day...

  17. Mom-Daughter combo on Blogville!
    Hi-five! (Borat)

    Then again, you can't do much about these boors. Experienced performers continue unfazed and the instigators shut up once they realise they've lost.
    It is a pain though when other guests are inconvenienced. Bad upbringing? :)

  18. Yes, the audience needs to stop booing. Atleast that will give me the encouragement to go up to the stage, untie my two left feet and do a 'mukkala muqabla' dance. NOte to self: Stop booing doesn't automatically amount 'stop throwing rotten eggs...'

    On a serious note, yes I agree with your views. It takes a lot of guts to get on that stage. The booers are real cowards... If they have the balls, why can't the booers hop on the stage themselves and show the 'booie' how the act
    is s'posed to be done?

    And oh... Super Mom, Super Daughter on prowl on the Blogosphere eh? Very good :-) Congrats to , Aunty on her award!!!

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