"Please" Mom

Ever since I was a little girl, I've had crushes on men I couldn't get. It was always older men who would sweep me off my feet. Now this isn’t too unusual or bad at all, as some might have already exclaimed at my insolent words :)

My mom tells me, that it is something that almost every girl goes through at some point or the other. So to list my crushes - it was my Physics professor when I was 16 and then the director of my college when I was 18, a famous dance choreographer, not to forget the endless list of stars I lust after and the list goes on. Once I went to see a "Raas-leela" conducted by a famous troupe from Mathura - and you won’t believe it - I fell in love with the person playing the character of Lord Krishna, so much to the extent that I had pictures taken with him and kept them hidden in my books. My mom once pointed out that I fall for people who are in power and yes...she was absolutely right - I have even fancied Rahul Gandhi at some point too.

I remember, my friends hooting when my Physics professor picked me up to answer a certain question - and me turning beet-red - unable to find the right words to answer the question. I doted on him so much that I fell in love with his car too and would fabricate excuses just to get glimpses of him :D

Regardless of all I mentioned above, the purpose of my post is a rather selfish one.
This time I have my heart on something and I need your help to get it. Fortunately it’s not one of my professors or the to-be-President of a country...but it’s actually a thing. It’s a bag.......I know how ridiculous this might sound, but after trying all I could rather unsuccessfully, I’ve decided to resort to make a global appeal...No...Don’t get me wrong...I don’t need you to contribute to my bag fund - all I need from you is to go - tell my mom to give me her approval.

Let me explain: I am in love and love is actually not enough to describe what I feel right now. It has reached the point of devotion and reverence (yes - I am still talking about the bag). And it’s a bit expensive and as my Mom puts it - it’s disgustingly exorbitant and not worth the hard earned money of any human being. And the thing is – as childish and immature it may sound, but I don’t do the smallest thing without my Mom's approval, so my conscience is just not permitting me to go ahead this time also.

I have tried everything I could - request/beg/emotional blackmail....
Here are a few excerpts of our conversation:

Neha: Mummy pleaseeee approve...I beg of u...
Mummy: I've said no...Now its upto u
Neha: Mummy u know, I won’t buy it unless you say yes. You know how much I respect your approval. Atleast in return of the respect...approve
Mummy : I know u respect my advice so much and that’s why I can’t let you spend that much on a ....bag. You should rather invest that money in something like jewellery...or just save it.
Neha : Some girls don’t even bother talking to their moms’ about big decisions of their life like marriage…and I am dying for your permission to just buy a purse…could you want more
Mummy : Neha… you are literally trying to extract your “yes” from my mouth…but you know how I feel about it

So on and so forth...we have been going since the last 2 months. I have almost memorized the mom-pep talk ... you have no responsibilities right now…but later you will…and you need to learn to be economical…blah…blah…blah…
But as they is love is blind…and deaf… I have turned totally deaf to my Mom’s melodramatic speeches on this issue now…but I still can’t ignore them :)

So I request all you wonderful people to appeal to my Mom…to just give me a green signal… Please write to her on and tell her how fortunate she is to have an exceptionally respectful daughter …and that she should just say... YES

I know a lot of mothers’ probably agree with my mom on this…but please don’t forget you are daughters first and try to remember the doll in the store that you were literally dying for… remember the longing? Remember the impatience?