Made for each other


I never quite identified with it, considering I am so possessive about my things, that “never hold on” was never an option.

But, just last week did I witness this and as much as I don’t want, I believe in it now. I won’t take any names, but this story is about a friend whom I shall replace with myself and narrate. Ok ?

All this started when I was all excited to meet this guy from school on a date. One day he emailed me that he’s going to be in town and if I would care to meet him over coffee. Do I care? Oh hell, yes! I do and I do so much to the extent that I go to buy a new dress including a very expensive, infact exorbitantly steep jacket to don with it.

He did comment on how good I looked, especially how pretty my jacket was, but it turned out that it was just an insouciant meet, no string attached kinda thing. As disappointed as I was, I realized spending all that moolah over that stupid jacket made no sense. So, I just went to the store and returned that “alleged” no-help jacket back to the store. (One good thing in the States – you can return anything anytime if you have the receipt)

Two Months later …

The boy and the date were history. I started to fall for this another guy, who suddenly one evening called me up and invited me for lunch the very next day.

Very next day??? Isn’t that’s too short of a notice – I don’t even have anything to wear for the date. Next day, I get up and rush to the mall to get ready for my date (as you see, I buy something new for every occasion). I scoured all stores but just nothing that appealed. Reluctantly, I walked to my jacket store and saw the same styled jacket which I had taken a few weeks back. The fact that it atleast looked pretty and fit me so well last time, I decided to try it. Got one for my size and off for my date :)

This guy too commented on my sexy jacket, but umm – no sparks flew during the lunch and I realized he’s just not my types. So I decided to return the jacket yet again. While checking the pockets before finally packing it off – guess what I found ….

The receipt of the coffee that I had had 2 months back !!!

Consider it - the same design and the right size were still in the store after two months and inspite of having a zillion options to choose from, I chose this one again… and not only the same style, the same size… but the same exact piece.

Whoaaa… looks like neither of the two guys were made for me …but the jacket… definitely was. Well this time, I shall not let it go :)

Isn’t that definitely “made for each other “ . What say you ?
Have any “made for each other” stories to share?


  1. definitely the jacket was "MADE FOR YOU"....


  2. I seem to be the first person to comment always.
    nice, lively post which brought smile on my otherwise gloomy face.
    I m more interested in knowing about the persons in reference(hahhahah)
    I know of one case where a person lost her LV purse but finally found it,after running around all over the city( it was meant to be hers so she found it)know what i mean?
    rearding relations I strongly believe in the opening statement.although it hurts a lot to set your dear things or person free but if he returns back to you, just imagine what a satisfying and ego boosting moment will that be, moreover the intensity of your feelings , your confidence and your happiness will grow double fold.
    and if he doesnt that means he was not worth you.

  3. I do believe in that saying.

    But it matters to relationships with other human beings and not to objects like jacket, dress or electronics, hehehe.May be its true for objects as well, but i dont care or it doesnt matter much.

    I believe in a slightly modified version of it: "Give it a try and stay aside. if it was ever yours, it would come back to you, else it was never yours."

  4. Ohhhh this is awesome!! I have a made for each other story. My Vaio, which I know I am gonna get hold of soon!

  5. yup that is made for each other...hmm and u sure this happenend to a friend?!


  6. It sounds like deja vu all over again... ;-) Sorry that the dates didn't work out, but obviously that is one persistent jacket.

  7. So ironic eh? the topic and the content? anyways...ya thats a good story... now i seem to remember about the way i had to choose my bike as well...truely that jacket is made for you! :)


  8. @Suree hahaha... yeah actually for my friend whose role i was playing in the post :)

  9. @ZiLliOnBiG i tottaly agree with u... just this post was a lighter one...because i was so surprised by the coincidence of my friend's jacket :)

    like ur modified version too...

  10. @Zeba looking forward to reading ur new post about ur lappy:)

    @Raghav yes...isnt it an unbelievable co-incidence :)

  11. wow.. i should fall in love with jacket too like this...

    i am carried away now..

  12. :) I do not believe in "made for each other" but this post makes me think otherwise :D

  13. Such a sweet post:) Hope you find the right man, like you found the perfect jacket:) But meanwhile enjoy yourself single carefree days too. Ciao!

  14. LOL... Indeed Made for each other.. :)

  15. Well written Neha :), I am curious about the friend now !

  16. haha...good one!!
    I am sure it will happen to me someday with a Manolo Blahnik....I am just waiting for the right moment....when the music will be in the air...and angels will throw flowers from up above....and thats one thing I will NOT let go of!! :D

  17. wow...great. never happened to me. Sheesh :D

  18. Absolutely beautiful and very kind to read.

  19. you are right. the jacket was..

  20. wow!
    no one would ever be able to describe that belief (never hold...) in a better way...
    and the story really made me smile in the end...
    nice one neha!

  21. Wow! You can wear the dress and return it if you got receipts. That must be fun. Buy one dress for a occassion and return it after it's over. [:D] you don't lose money and you get to look pretty too

  22. oh superb, i could not guess what was made for each other till the end :)

  23. oh thats a nice post :), I do belive in the line "Made for each other" :P