That moment of love ...

The shades are down
As the night unfolds
In these waves of darkness
A hundred stories untold

Beyond the flowing brook
I see a silhouette dance
Why should I look-when it can’t be you?
And yet I steal a glance

Far from my view, the moon shines bright
And yet deep down there ain't any light
Within me so much gloom
Eyes searching for my shiny armored knight

In the deepest and darkest time
You have always been mine
Then why today?
You choose to leave me,
And let the loneliness shine

You dint teach me to be alone
And now I stand here on my own
Waiting in the ever pouring rain
Wanting to wash away my pain

The long wait when finally paid
You came through that door, I let out a sigh
Touched my face and gave that smile
And turned around…for the final good-bye?

My eyes still on that door
With that touch, my life started to soar
Your image I shall never forget
I lived my life in that very moment!!!


  1. after ages read something by you. I was missing your poems since so many months. nice expession as usual, touching to heart
    very sad thoughts last parts brought tears in my eyes. and i feel more depressed .just want you to know that i understand your feelings

  2. Lovely poem, deeply emotional and poignant.

  3. your poem, the expressions and the pain depicted in it is haunting me even after 8 hours of reading it.

  4. I just wanted to stop on in quick and say thanks for stopping by my blog, and the kind words.

    I see you're into acting. I'm an actor in local professional theatre here in Rochester, home of such actors as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Taye Diggs, and many others. I also do public relations for a local professional theatre.

  5. Hey,

    Great poem!!! You are a person of many facets... keep up the good work.

  6. Hi..

    anju here says we wrote on something similar. And in a way she is right.Whereas mine was about moving on..yours finishes at a stage where on has to decide whether to move on or not.

    But the way u ve expressed it all is unbelievably notch work yaar..really swell..
    Glad i dropped by.


  7. sadness embodied in each and every syllable in this poem..

    if a reader could actually read this with involvement, it might even bring some tears..

    very good work from you..

    way to go poet!

  8. ***Waiting in the ever pouring rain
    Wanting to wash away my pain***

    ***Your image I shall never forget
    I lived my life in that very moment!!!***

    just beautiful...

  9. @Chriz
    thanks so much Chriz... i really look forward to ur comments :)

    by the way...ur profile page opened correctly today... !

  10. beautiful poem, You are creative and sensitive

  11. @zillionbig thanks so much for the appreciation :)

    @aw.s.m hey thanks so much...
    i read urs...itss soo touching...
    i'd cry if it were meant for me...and may be never leave...hahah :)very very good i must say :)

  12. @anjugandhi
    thanks so much mumma... u liked it...u appreciated means a lot...u know that
    huggy huggy :):) hhehee

  13. neha,too good..may be i havnt been through anything so intense..yet,makes me feel so touched..makes me feel as if im parting someone..

  14. hey! that was a lovely poem.
    the last line 'i lived my life in that very moment' really touched my heart.

    i wrote a poem once.'Moments i am living for'.Do take a look at it.
    Maybe you'll like it.

  15. Love it. Rarely ever do I like poems and read them 2 the end but this is an exception!

  16. Writing poetry is so difficult ( I have tried and failed miserably).You made it seem very easy. Very poignant lines. Keep writing.

  17. @gayathri thanks so much

    @aditya i read the story u've written on ur blog..i m so moved

  18. Fab work. Very nice, very serene poetry.

    I sometimes wonder how some people are blessed to be able to write such wonderful poetry and how, at the other end of the spectrum, are people like me for whom reciting 'Mary had a little lamb' can be such a challenge.

  19. @parikshith haha...thats so sweet...
    sometimes when u r overwhelmed with emotions...each one has a way of expressing.. sometimes...i just weave that into words :)

  20. A work of art, indeed. Emotional.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Voices from the past >

  21. Lovely poem i must say.. Emotions of love have been woven together in your words.. Keep writin.. :)

  22. ok, three years in the same house and did not know you were into poetry.. looking for more such surprises (posts) :)

  23. must say this, yu indeed hav versed the sorrow of seperation at ease, not sure how many wud have gone thru this, but its true...." Yu didnt teach me to be alone" ya, yu turn back to see the path that yu led full of solace!! and then the path to start again full of loneliness..thats the difference.!!
    that was soo swell.... am a fan of yurs!

  24. Thank you for the visit and your kind comments:) This poem is beautiful!I'll be back...

  25. hey neha..just recently stumbled upon your blog link...must say, i missed a good read for a long time!! chalo, better late then never...
    Lovely poem that !

  26. lovely. very poignant.

  27. Hey Neha,
    that was neatly executed!.. It embodied an exact moment n I loved it for that fact that you could do that without spoiling the flow!.. :)

  28. Hi Neha, thanks for dropping by my blog, gosh that was beautifully written, i could relate to the poem!!

  29. Beautiful...just wonderful..!!