Mummy - This one's for you !!!

Its mothers day today… and I miss my mom more than usual. My card hasn’t even reached her. There’s a cool surprise in. Can’t talk about it yet – as mummy darling has yet to get it.

If I write about our relation, I could never do justice to it.

She has been a part of everything I have done in my life. Taking me to nursery school and standing, waiting outside for me, so I am not alone in the new environment. One of my most cherished experiences is Mummy coaching me for my elocution competition…for the “haan maa yehi kahahi” ( yes Mother! That’s the story ). In sync, both of us would say each line and mummy teaching me to tug my dress and give that am, extra stress on which word. Each exam, each competition, I owe my winning to mummy and she taught me to take the defeats in my stride too. She would gouge the old-paper mart to collect the slightest information for my history projects. For each fancy dress competition, she would scour each shop to get the best dress.

When in college, my mom became my best friend ( and she still is ) . There is no better shopping partner than my mom. She could spend all day with me looking for the dress I want and come back again the next day. Listening with interest about my crushes and all gossips about people she doesn’t even know or will ever meet.

Mummy has spent sleepless nights with me being awake when I study for an exam and with equal anxiety has waited for the results. She cries with me when I cry and feels happier than me, when I am happy.

I totally agree that “Because God could not be everywhere – He made the Mother”
Infact , I think it’s even a better deal…because I know my Mom is there with me all the time. I know I can call her at any time of the day or night… and just talk to her…be it about nothing. The very fact that “Mummy is there” is more support for me than anything. One single urgent call from me…and mummy would run from end of the house to another …and now I know…she will do the same from end of the world to the other.

We are worse than a couple having a relationship on the rocks. We fight and break-up every day and without making up the next day – we are gossiping about the neighbors or discussing about the new dress on sale.I know at times I am very rude to momma, but she doesn’t mind it…and doesn’t want me to go blah-blah over the justifying act. She believes in and has taught me too – that you don’t need justify to or expect justification from the person you love.

She has faith in me, even when I have given up. She encourages me to aim for the stars and thinks of me as the best-in-everything person :) Mummy….
She is my friend….confidant…my guide…my bridge…my confidence…my cushion to fall back on… my gossip girl…my shopping partner… my book club… my idol…see I could go on and on if I start to talk about my mother.

I have inherited so much from her –how could I not…I am a part of her .I know, her life revolves around her two children and hubby…and she has sacrificed so much – never wanting anything in return. I don’t know what I could be without my Mom. I can’t ever thank her as it will be too low and lose all meaning…. but Mummy, I just want you to know that all times, every moment, I love you and you mean everything to me. You are my world.

It’ll be a lie – if I say that I pray for everyone to get a mom like my mom. Because I want it to be the only unique relation in the world…the most precious …the most beautiful.


  1. haan ma yehi kahani....
    i remember doing this very same poem 4 elocution too....even tho i was given the prt of the child, which was nxt 2 nothin :)

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  4. First time on ur blog..i wonder if your mom cried as she read this? mine would've weeped buckets :)

    nice writing.. :)

  5. Beautifully written.. There is no better relationship on earth than the one between the mother and the child - atleast from the mother. The all inbibing, selfless love that excemplifies this relationship in its full totality

  6. thanx a lot dear. you are the best daughter any mom can get( despite of all the fights and arguements we have). and you make me proud always, be it with your loving gestures or ur sweet letters or thoughtful gifts, your encouragment at every step , your constant push to me to explore my inner self and my some what hidden talent( which you only think that I have) .You are the motivational force behind my blog and You know it.
    and yes i cried a lot after reading your blog. I still cherish a letter written by you on mothers days a few years back.
    Thanx a lot for being my daughter and making me a proud mother of a daguther who is the best.

  7. Aww.. such a cute post.. I am a bit jealous of ur relationship with ur mom.. Even though its said that sons are closer to their moms, I think its still the daughters who become their friends... Lovely post.. keep writing..
    Too much estrogen for one day.. Now I gotta go do something insanely manly, like say, drink directly from the carton. :P

  8. aw sweet...your mom is a lucky lady!

  9. Yes, moms are most precious!

  10. Beginning from the intention, feeling, desire, framing, directing, and finally putting it down on blogger... all makes me feel so good about the world. It's a touching piece. I had intended to put something on my blog for my mother... but eventually let it be. You make me feel base.

    Like mon espace said, my mum would've cried buckets too..

  11. sniff! I want my mummmeee!
    gr8 post! \m/
    Now i'm going to call my mum


    first time. SO hi!!

  12. sob! i miss my mom v much now and wanna c her!! its a year since now i ve seen her....gooood write dat was!

  13. Read your mom's reply too,.. and, its Beautiful..


  14. thats a wonderful tribute, your mom would certainly feel proud of you if she reads this. it also makes me feel sad to have never known mothers love, having lost mother when really young. kudos, nice post

  15. Yup...we all love our moms....

    But is a Day required?? A special day?? And can that One day make too much of a difference?

    I somehow am not in favor of having mom/dad/bro/sis days...very very artificial !