Rock On !!!

UPDATE: Thanks so much David for the wonderful honor and encouragement by selecting this post as POST OF THE DAY

When I walked in that room, my mind was inundated with a gamut of emotions. So much apprehension, nervousness and ya that accent-complex! Being the only one of color (no I am not being racist or color-prejudiced), but it would have been solacing to see someone with a remotely similar accent or rather a different one than everyone else.

But anyways, one of the panoramas of emotion that I was experiencing was excitement- because I have always wanted to do this. Infact, when I came out of my mother’s womb, I was marinated with this and each thing I do/speak/think has a flavor of this in it. And that spice is ACTING.

Everyone who has been even in a seconds-contact with me can corroborate for me saying that ACTING is me. I am no pro-no professional-no star-no actor. Having being tagged as “Nautanki” by almost everyone, it can be safely concluded that every bone, muscle and nerve in my body loves to act.

By acting, I do not mean being pretentious…it’s just the dramatic and histrionic way of how I love to deliver. Be it some hand gesture, or facial expression or even a voice-modulation. Until and unless, there is some form of thesp involved, I feel insatiated about my message.

This acting class is my getaway from reality to fantasy and therefore into the reality of my being. Each exercise done,is a bundle of teachings and a profusion of intricacies of this wonderful art. Recreating your own behavior or recreating the story of a second person, reacting on instinct or the expanding and contracting of self – there’s so much to learn from each of these exercises.

I have to mention that the role of the teacher in every aspect of your learning stage is so important. My very wonderful teacher - Ms.Susan, can so adroitly make us so effortlessly do the concentration exercises and with equal ease, get the create the story ones. I have learned a new outlook on introducing ourselves as a means of transferring energy to one-another and it seems amazing.

There is so much to look forward in this class, that it will be a sin if I complain about the stress of hunting for an available parking spot in downtown Boston. I am so glad that I am doing something that I have always wanted to learn and do.

We get busy with work, earning money, fulfilling duties, shouldering responsibilities – and most of the time, our passions are sent on a back burner. It is necessary that we explore our inner-selves and do those things along with the mandatory ones – because they complete us. I feel complete after performing at an exercise in class , or even by melodramatically enacting a recent incident.

Its never too late to explore the passions within us and bring them to the fore-front.

It definitely makes a difference !!!


  1. All the best for your endeavors. May you be able to cross all hurdles and obstacles from your way to sucess and to realise your dreams.Anything done with passion gets embedded in your system and becomes an integral part of your being. I pray and wish that by fullfilling this dream of you, you will explore such hidden aspects of your self which were total alien to you.

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  3. wooww acting class!! I think it comes naturally to you, I've witnessed your "guess the movie " game where you enact the dialogues and ask us to guess the movie :D. Boy I miss those games!! jokes apart great blog, will visit often and you know it!

  4. Girl, you should start moderating comments you don't want crap in your comments section, like what I just did :p

  5. You're right about finding pace and time in our lives to follow or pursue those facets we really enjoy. I had my time on the (amateur) stage and really enjoyed the many lessons it taught me.

    Thank you for your visit and your kind comment.

  6. Very inspiring. Congrats on your POTD award over at David's!

  7. Congratulations on being David's Post of the Day.

    And I agree, it is never too late to do that which is deeply imbedded in your heart.

  8. Congrats on POTD from David at Authorblog!

    And congratulations at doing something you've always wanted to do!

  9. Sounds excellent to be pursuing your dream. Well done! Also for winning Authorblog's POTD, congratulations.

  10. Hi Neha, I am here from David's.:)
    I have been long trying to explore my inner self too and I find it is far away from my actual profession. I can relate so much with what you have written, written so well in fact! :)

  11. Good for you for following your dreams!

    Congrats on POTD

  12. congrats for your award
    you made me proud.
    how I wish I could also chase my dreams.
    but will take inspiration from you and may be one day you will come to know that i have also realized by dreams.
    Thanx for always motivating and inspiring

  13. We are all actors.
    Congrats on POTD over at authorblog.

  14. Good luck with your career...your writing is kind of dramatic (in a good way!) too! You make things sound exciting...

  15. I can totally relate to the "accent Phobia" ,
    but I guess gujjus( I am one myself) find it easier to adapt to American accent. :P