Make me your puppet ...

These days the center of my life these days is my Acting class.

We have done a myriad of ingenious exercises so far in the course of the class…but there’s this one… so close to my heart…I am compelled to write about it. This one not only opened the knowledge doors to the art of controlled behavior and creating story from still poses, but touched my soul in an inexplicable way and also gushed a thousand feelings at the same time.

My very wonderful teacher has christened it as “the puppet and the puppeteer exercise” – where each one gets a chance to be the puppet and the puppeteer.

The puppeteer’s task is to bring their puppets to life, every single part to life and modeling the puppets in such a way so as to create a story.

When the puppet, you are a piece of clay with no brain, no imagination of your own. Just a still body for your puppeteer to model. As a puppet you have no sense of what next, no thought to be acted upon. Just be still and let your puppeteer move, carve, model you… every part of your body is in control of the puppeteer. Every finger…every toe…body posture...facial expression!!

The task of the puppeteer is more complex as it involves a lot of imagination, pliancy and creativity. Even though it has a nice ring to it and sounds cool – the result was no surprise when the teacher surveyed on which of the two parts was more liked.

Think about it – which one would you like?

Being the puppet won the round !!!

Each day, each moment we are in a roller coaster of thoughts, fighting to keep up with the competition, trying to be creative in thoughts, actions, projects…every place that we find ourselves in. So a simple break from the routine, to just be and relax its nothing but a much delightful break. And the outcome is anyways something so beautiful you’re your being a part of that creation is satisfying anyways.

Besides the chance to do nothing and just enjoy the exercise – there was something else I experienced. With soft music in the background ,eyes closed and the realization that you being molded into some beautiful creation has such positive vibes to it, that I (don’t know how to say it), but felt an inner connection with myself. Such calmness on the outside and so many visions unseen, so many echoes rising from inside - something that I haven’t experienced in a long time and it almost brought tears to my eyes.

I’d just say - try this exercise with your friends, siblings, family – put on each role (of the puppet and the puppeteer) and experience this wonderful joy ride.


  1. ur post reminded me of the famous dialogue of movie ANAND " jahapanah hum sab uper wale ke haat ki kathputliyana hai ----------"
    being the puppet is nice but to be the puppeteer is more challenging. you get to manipulate the movments of the puppet who is like a putty in the hands of the puppeteer and whose life , movment can be moulded as per the whims and fancies of the puppetteer.
    in todays hectic and stressful life I am sure to be a puppet is like a God's gift. just be calm and let others lead u. u have no tensions, no worries just relax and enjoy.
    as far as trying the exercise is concenred i will wait for you to come, U know no one else will do it with me.

  2. humm, indeed you seem to be in a state of bliss. Go on....i am experiencing similar bliss heree in blogging. well, as of now, being new. TC:))))

  3. I loved this post. I love the way you write and the way you describe stuff. It was like I was in class as well. And I will give the excersise a try this time when I go back home!! Something to do with my siblings!!

  4. Hey thats a nice writy gal!! if only there was an art to bring sense and life into mad people, then it will be sweeter world to live in... but thats a nice exercise, do i try back at home?? ;D

  5. man,you just explained what the state of blissfulness is..what the fullness of being creative is..
    anyway,good to know that u r this aesthetic..

  6. I love puppet shows. They are surely bliss!
    Enjoy your classes and life lady!

  7. my theaterical classes.. memories struck me.. good one..


    the link on my page works well for me and for my mates too.. is it still not working? click my photo in the page.. it must be working


  8. You have related your thoughts and experiences so well. It was a nice read. :)

  9. Thank you so much for suggesting the exercise. I am sure ,every word you said about it is true; can already feel that . :)

  10. well i wud say i wud always luvv to be a see wat u can create..wat u can mould a lifeless self into...being a puppet as u urself said is quite easy nd quite mundane to move around easy it is to be a puppet in a life rather than be a puppeteer... :)
    but beautiful exercise must say

  11. Very nice exercise and relaxing.Great post.

  12. wow..this is truly wonderful...reading it made me feel nice..

    I love being lost in 'nothingness', cant wait to try this.

  13. @Zillionbig blogging defintely gives a state of post done is a form of acheivement ..isnt it :)

  14. @Zeba Talkhani : thanks so much...:)
    u're from Karnataka right... so are studying somewhere else?

  15. @hary!! not sure how much will it contribute towards making the world better..but definitely for r own calmness...its definitely worth a try :)

    @Gayathri thanks so much...

    @ramya thanks so much ramya... i love puppets too ...have u checked out the modern dressed up ones...they are simply amazing :)

  16. @chriz both of us share a lot of similar interest classes...ahhh...:)

    u know...ur name link works fine... but the "chronicwriter" is linked to ur profile...and looks thats not the updated one...take a look...

  17. @shit happens
    i completely agree with you...but what i mean is...getting to be a puppet for a few moments in this hectic..all run-here-run-there a beautiful change...

  18. Hey! I am from Bangalore. But brought up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Parents live here whereas I study in Manipal. Journalism!! What about you?

  19. Good blog. Visit mine when you find time... Dont feel shy...

  20. @Zeba Talkhani traveller!!!:)
    m from bombay...studied in Boston and now working in Boston...but home is Bombay alwayssss

  21. Interesting!

    I feel Im already a Puppet on Strings ;-)


  22. my god.

    was that just my imagination?

    or this could be a really sexy thing!

  23. @Keshi thanks so much... i lovee ur blog :)

  24. @deluded hahaha...its definitely a sexyy thing :) try it ...