Shopping for Labels

Just a few weeks back, when a friend emailed me song the - Shopping for labels by Fergie , I instantly fell in love with it.

Shopping for labels, shopping for love,
Manolo and Louis, it’s all I’m thinking of,
Shopping for labels, shopping for love,
Manolo and Louis, it’s all I’m thinking of,

How can someone not adore something that is all about labels and love?

Yesterday ,a friend exuberantly flaunted her new Louis Vuitton bag, I felt a pang of jealousy. I have something that’s almost half the size of her bag and so longed to get something like hers.
But … when she mentioned, it’s her discovery from the street vendors of the New York - I got to thinking -

How can something phony be bliss?
I'd rather be content with my small but genuine purse.
There is comfort,happiness, an inner satisfaction on owning something genuine.

Doesn't the same hold true for relationships too. Pure and honest relationships have their own freshness and glory. There is no pretense, no burden, no liabilities – just straightforward feelings and their portrayal.
There are so many plastic relations we keep up to every day in our lives.
So many belonging to the "have-to-maintain" category that we stand-by everyday! If we settle down for untrue relations, our lives will start becoming bland.
Shouldn’t we just be true to ourselves and embrace the true ones too? Is the society so demanding that we have to give in to these banal things? Can’t we be just complacent with what’s unadulterated?

Anyways , To each, his own!
Shop for labels or look for true relations.
Be happy with the fake make or be a part of a pretentious relationship.

I’d just say… carry your own label.
Be yourself!!!


  1. And yes......this is Neha........ I guess this should have been your first blog :-).......thats what you do for most of your time, talk about labels and I'm sure for the remaining you would be dreaming about the same......and you got me into it too.

  2. You are right, masking,synthetic, artificial relationships give pains as they are imposed and forced upon.Those who have genuine relations are the lucky ones. They don't need any body else such relations are so precious and strentgh by itself

  3. “There is comfort, happiness, an inner satisfaction on owning something genuine.”
    How true. A genuine thing and that too belonging to you only will surely give you a high. But then everyone can not afford genuine things (because of their exuberant tags) and then they have to do with fake ones. Kuch nahi hone so kuch hona to accha hai
    But if a lover of genuine products gets jealous by looking at the fake things in the first glance then I think I won’t mind having the fake ones also. At least it will make others envious of me.Just to see that look of envy and jealous on others face is worth any thing. Fakeness/artifical or genuine ---- I will think about later.
    We live in the zoo of society where we have different breeds of animals (read as different individuals) with different personalities. We just can’t avoid the plastic relations if we have to live in this society and interact with them.
    All of us would love to have true, pure and honest relationship. But do they really exist? I doubt it. Be it sibling relations, marital relations, friendly relations all are need based and situational relations. To think of true, honest relation will be thinking of living in fool’s paradise. “masking, synthetic, artificial relationships give pains as they are imposed and forced upon” but then there is no running away from this. This is reality of life and the sooner we accept this and learn to live with it, better it will be for our own development and peace.
    Just to keep waiting for relations which are true and gives us peace of mind will be like waiting for moon to come down .I may sound cynical but I don’t think such relation really exist.
    We have to make the best of whatever we have. And derive maximum from our relations and give our best to whatever relation we have.

  4. Interesting how you compared to relationships with Louis vuitton..hehe..

    Material needs being a temporary requirement; fake or genuine doesnt really matter. The fact that you have your hands on something is pretty great already ;)

    however, relationships I will havta agree with you..GENUINE ONES LAST!!!

    Great blog :)

  5. I am very particular about labels. I pay the extra money, wait patiently for the right time (sale!!) and choose what is right for me.

    Now that I think of it, I do the same with my relationships as well...

    *Pats herself on the back

  6. @Zeba

    aahh for the love of labels...isnt it :)
    some unexplainable satisfaction after possessing one :)
    i almost everyday look out for a sale

  7. Hi , first time reader...Good write-ups, you got great writing skills. Keep writing :)