The reason I chose this name is because I will be inhaling and exhaling a lot of thoughts, love, gratitude, information and ofcourse my own expert comments (which are inevitable).

Many a times I have decided to start my own blog, but more often than not, frivolous and ofcourse at times, intelligent thoughts capture my mind and I lose track of what I wanted to blog about.

There have been times, when I have penned down thoughts but decided against posting them to my blog, which I created eons ago. Yes, that’s true, my blog has been lying somewhere in the cyber universe and never has been adorned with a post till date.

But, today, as fortunate we both are, me and my blog, I gift both of us of this wonderful joy of “expression”.

Also, I shall make promise to both of us (me and my blog) that this phrase “I am sorry for not blogging in so long”, is something that we shall not have to face !!
(Read as - a few exceptions here and there, can squeeze in)

Because, I believe that “breathing and expressing” go hand in hand.

Keep expressing!!!


  1. Probably will help me to know you better :-)

  2. what an apt cyber name! breathe ---only you could think of such a poetic name, Breathing and exprssing go hand in hand what an expression! I will look forward to your expressios

  3. Iam glad u started blogging... Atlast... never the less .. ;-))