Some words ... just stay with you ...forever !!

His love is a kind of personal oxygen; it can lift you, and once it’s in you it becomes vital to you. I could wrap it around me like a shawl o use it like a sword against the world; I could hide with it, run with it, play with it, show it off like a badge of honour or curl up with like a cat. It’s moist and huge, pliant and energizing.
Around him, I feel lit up from some place deep inside; I feel invincible, extravagant.

Rhea to Karan - The Lost Flamingoes of Bombay

These words left a strong, an kind of inebriated impression on me.
They made me wonder ....

How many of us have felt a love like this?
How many of us have one person in our lives who fit this bill?
How many of us have one person in our lives who fits one of these attributes?

Whatever the answers are ... these is one of the most beautiful description I've ever read about love... about security ..about companionship ... about feeling complete !!!


  1. is it possible to get a person with any one of these attributes.
    i think these qualities can be found only in books or movies.

  2. Lucky is the person who is blessed with such a loving partner :)