Happy Friendship's Day

Friend – a word that has a different meaning to each one, a relation with a different significance in each life, a bonding that holds each one in different ways.

We all have our own definitions for friendship and each one looks for something special, something unique in the person - one calls FRIEND.
Many proverbs and quotations have tried to capture the meaning of this term, each falling short of something that could do justice to it.
Friendship to me is the essence in any relationship. I think if a person can’t be a friend, any other relation will be onus. Be in a parent-child, amongst siblings, husband-wife … no relationship can survive without having a strong foundation laid on friendship.

I don’t need to be with or talk to a person 24/7 to call him a friend. But, the feeling that at any hour, I have someone to lean on to is what matters. Someone I can talk like I am talking to myself ( ??? yes I do talk to myself) and someone with whom I don’t have to beguile myself.

No one could ever know me; no one could ever see me.
Seems like you're the only one who knows what it's like to be me.
Someone to face the day with, make it through all the rest with,
Someone I'll always laugh with, even at my worst, I'm best with you.

Someone with whom I don’t have to think before framing my words and after gazillion hours of conversation there is still no sign of “what else?”
You just never fall short of talks when with a friend. That’s one of my most favorite things in friendship. Just go on and on, with no rhyme or rhythm in the conversation and yet they seem meaningful.

Today, I get very nostalgic, because I really miss a few friends that I made while walking along with on my journey till here. Some I lost to time, some to distance, some to busy schedules and some to other relations. Sometimes, when friendship starts bordering on the fringes of other relationships, it becomes a liability. And some people opt to come out of it - Its not every body’s clichéd cup of tea to handle friendship in the right manner. Just last week, I was having an argument with a very close friend about whether you can have someone closer to call a friend other than your spouse/partner. I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I am sure everyone will have his/her own standing and opinion.
Now it’s a completely different story when I also agree on -
Everyone has a best friend during each stage of life only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life..

When relationships lack friendship, they become obligations and have to be dragged on. But when a relationship is founded on and sheered on by friendship – it’s just the perfectly-foolproof-ideal way you are on !!!
Remember – it’s the soul of the relationship.

Happy Friendships Day to all my blog buddies – (little did I know that I would find so many people willing to share benches with me in this blogger’s park :))

Happy Friendships Day everyone… Mwuuuah :)


  1. happy friendship day
    and i know what you mean. a friend is the one who can listen to your long chatters and your confusions without passing value judgement or condemning you. he may not like your act, behaviour or your attitude and may criticise what you have done but you still remain his favourite. and you are right you dont have to be in regular touch with him 24x7.. you can meet after ages and still feel as if you were together few mintues before only.
    as i said lucky are the ones who get such friends but luckier are the ones who can keep such friends for life long.
    but this is life. where all wishes are not granted, You don't always get what you want. but the memories of such friends still gives you a feeling of fullfillment.
    i just wonder how it will feel to meet a once upon a time best friend, who has been lost to us because of time, other relation, busy schedule or some misunderstandings.will we be able to start from the same footing or to quote a couplet from rahims doha " Rahiman dhaga prem ka mat todo chatkya, mile to jud jaaye par ghaanth pad jaaye"

  2. This is such a sweet post! And yeah, I felt very nostalgic too...actually i just finished posting something on it on my blog.
    Here's huge hug for you!!! HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!

  3. You dont choose your parents nor your relatives but what u choose is friends...true friends are shadow of God

  4. Happy Friendship's Day to you too dear, tc

  5. ahmm belated friendship's day..{subliminal note..not a big fan of the new template :( }

  6. belated friendship's day

    Nice blog

  7. they i guess u changed the template , its so nice

  8. Wow sweetie, what a great post! That's about the best one on friends I've read in awhile! Thanks so much for your insight.

  9. again a new template!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this combination is my favourite

  10. Happy Friendship day!!! Beautiful template!!!

  11. so very true! No matter how much you try, you can't be in touch with some people, but the bond surely remains the same :-)
    Happy belated friendship day :-)

    And by the way, I get time to pierce my nose only in the last of this month..during holidays :-) I'll upload the pic for sure!