A little aboout myself - because I am TAGGED :)

Ok… so now I have been tagged by my “possessive and over indulgent mother” (as she puts it :))
I know some people who just dread getting tagged and fulfill this duty just like our ministers attend the parliament sessions… aka formality …
However, I am totally the opposite. I luuuurvvve talking about myself...Infact as one of the famous Hindi movie dialogues: “I am my favorite person” So shamelessly and audaciously, here I go blarrring about myself, whilst all of you dearies have to read through it…because … (I’d say you rather read this instead of me having to blow some more trumpets about myself)

Four places you have lived:

1)Bombay: Ae dil hai mushkil jeena yahan…zara hatke…zara bachke…yeh hai Bombay meri jaaan :) for me, the whole country can be summed up into Bombay and I feel this humongous pride to be a Bombay-ite.
When people ask me what religion/caste I belong to – it’s so confusing to understand myself that I just choose to tell’em – I am a Bombay-ite :)
That’s what this city is. Be here for 21 …or 2…or 1 year and it becomes your religion. You cannot be separated from it ever…never ever.
The city that never sleeps – the city that provides exudes warmth in every nook and corner. It’s the city that bounces back to life within 24 hours after bomb-blasts, terrorist attacks and heavy floods. It that city where even a stranger on the road will leave his most important appointment to witness your fight with another stranger and not move until he has all the details. And it is this stranger who will leave everything to push your car that has been stuck in a ditch. I can talk so much about Bombay – umm…matter enough for one single post :)

2)Boston: This is where I live now, where I actually grew. Coming away from the shell and shelter of home, actually learning to be myself, gaining independence – “standing on my feet” ( hahaha…too clichéd…isn’t it?)
Its here that I earned my first paycheck. Lived with people other than family for the first time, had mice as room-mates for 3 years (yes… eeekss…we had rats in our student apartments :))
A lot more feats achieved and working towards more in this beautiful city of beans and brains (yeah… around 200 colleges in Boston alone)

3)Delhi: The city where I was born. The place I associate my summer-vacations with, cousins, shopping, eating, meeting cousins and having a lotttt of fun with.

4)Pratapgarh: A small village in the interiors of Rajasthan that I proudly call my native place. Although, I no longer have close family there, we visit Pratapgarh very often for the temples and the very beautiful places in this popularly cultural state of India. The palaces, the temples, the occasional tribal dances, the street vendors with lovely pieces of jewellery and ethnic dresses and yaaaa…not to forget the “desi-ghee” dripping meals :)

Four T.V shows you love (d) to watch

1)Sex and the City: this one tops my list. I love this show because Big and Carrie are one of my favorite’s couples ever. And also for the fact that this show is all about Fashion – I live for it :)

2)F.R.I.E.N.D.S: This one I must have seen each episode of every season like 3 times and more. Infact I sync my work-out timing with Friends, else end up having gloomy, unmotivated workouts. And ya, Ross and Rachel… I love’em too :)

3)Koffee with Karan: This is a celebrity talk show hosted by one of my favorite directors. More than for the movie he makes, I like Karan Johar for the way he talks (diction, body language …) and what he talks. And I so love to hear the celebrity rendezvous….all the gossip, personal secrets revelations et al.

5)Lost: There was a time when I would be awake till 4 am and watch back-back episodes. Now with the deteriorating script, I still love to watch it for Sawyer.

Four places you have been on vacation

1)San Francisco: That’s my 2nd favorite city in the world after Bombay. There’s something mysterious and hypnotic about the weather, the 70 degree roads, the crooked street, the stores in downtown, the golden gate bridge….its a magical place :)

2)Las Vegas: what happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas :) you have to go there to experience it ;)

3)Orlando: did this trip with parents and bro… had sooo much fun. Total fun-packed place

4)Haridwar: This religious town in the northern part of India stays very close to my heart. The serenity of this place is something I shall never forget and makes me want to visit again an again

Four of your favorite foods

1)Things starting with “C”: Chocolates, cakes, chaat… A true Bombay-ite: I have a special place in my heart for pani-puri. Nothing so unhygienic and yet utterly delicious…

2)Pav Bhaji: Another Bombay blessing to the world!!! lovvvvve it

3)Italian cuisine: Some so full of cheese and calories … how can I not like . Served with a glass of red-wine and I am happppy

4)Gola: this crushed-ice candy fitted into a wooden-stick and dipped in flavored syrups… slurp…slrup...slrup :)

Four websites you visit daily

1) : atleast once in every 10 min
2) : mainly for the entertainment and gossip in Bombay times and even more entertainment in the political drama
3) : for the serious more important news
4) ahhh – my stress buster

Four places you would rather be

There’s just one where I wanna be
ON the top of everything I do :):):)

Four things you hope to do before you die

Now that’s a tough one … :)
Itna socha nahi hai …. And the ones that I’ve though about…ummm tooo personal
Sorry…. Skipping this one

Four novels you wish you were reading for the first time

1)Prodigal daughter – Jeffrey Archer: the zeal and fervor of a young girl and the relationship with the governess. I can read the book 100 times for these two things alone.

2)Doctors – Erich Segal: The story of two friends who are meant to have a deeper relationship than that.

Actually besides these 2, I’d rather read something new each time. So many books and so little time :)

Four Movies You Can See Over and Over

1)Pardes : hahahha…I know people going ewwww for this cheesy movie…but I a total sucker for this one :)
2)Pretty Woman
3)Sex and the city ( movie)
4)Dilwale Dulhaniya le jayenge : all time favorite

Now 4 people whom I wanna tag:

Aaaaa… I am not gonna impose this on anyone…and most importantly – my Mom tagged all the people I would have wanted to :)
So please feel free to take this cue for a new post and let us know more about your lovely self :)


  1. will wait for your post on mumbai...i'm from delhi..and have fallen in love with this place :)..despite the knee high rain water that i need to negotiate sometimes :)

  2. Good to know more about you. I have spent a 15 days vacation in Mumbai as a kid.Its an amazing city.Would love to read more about it!!!

  3. i expected you to say something like this only " ON the top of everything I do :):):)"
    i remember your simlar comment on ur most famous TV Show " Want to rule every one"
    all the best
    may all ur dreams come true and u achieve what ever u want

    regarding Bombay being the best then dear what r u doing in Boston
    Come back. Bomaby waiting to embrace you with open arms

  4. Nice...but was really a big tag for!!!

  5. pretty woman.. walking down the streets... cool movie

  6. hey, great to discover more about you this way, your mom did us all a favor:)...
    Wish I'd been to all the swell places you've been to!
    And yes, the calorie-rich food is the best food there is!

  7. thankfully i didnt have anyone to tag me to blow my own trumphet yet :) ! anyways always good to know wat other ppl like :)


  8. enjoyed reading this post :) honest tag !!

  9. Lovely post, Neha and yes , do write a whole post on Mumbai. I am from Delhi but like to read about other cities in India.
    I love Haridwar too. There is just something so special about that is so spiritual.

    Am glad your mom tagged you..enjoyed reading it:)

  10. well written
    ye bombay hai meri jan
    nice song i like it

  11. Hi Neha, Lovely write up ( very nice to know you have been tagged by mom. I do regularly visit her blog and like her views about the issues)...
    I have visited east coast of USA; but never got to shop like the way I want to now :(
    I have heard from my cousin, Boston is a lovely place, I must visit once:)

  12. Awesome Neha, but why is everything "Four" and not any other number. Is this your lucky number???

  13. much mumbai mumbai! all my cousins living there are obsessed with the place...i guess you need to live there to know how it is :-)
    oh man...i love choclates, cakes and chaat! :-)

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