A secret affair !!!

After a stupid post - followed by a serious post, its time for a special one… for a very special…very significant person …papa :)

(This one was supposed to be posted on father’s day …but I am 2 weeks late)

A father-daughter relation is the least talked about. We all celebrate mother’s day with greatest grandeur and talk about how much we love our moms as if mentioning that ,is a part of our system. But, it is not so often that we read about someone celebrating father’s day with pomp or even less , casually talking about it.

Why is it that this is the most-least hyped relation of all, when actually it’s the most beautiful and inexplicably exceptional one in the world.

What is it that makes this father-daughter relationship so unique… so special? I am not trying to analyze it and neither do I have any answer to this one. It’s just that on every occasion of a father talking about his girl or a girl talking about her father, I am taken into a moment full of smiles.

There is this bond between a father and his daughter that is so mysterious…so unfathomable…so eternal..

I know someone at work, who in the midst of a meeting, answered a call, which is very unlikely of him. Apparently it was the store calling to confirm something he had ordered for his daughter. After attending to the call, he apologized to the room full of people, saying that “it’s for my daughter – that’s my main job. If this gets delayed, I don’t go home and don’t get to come to office too “
Awwww… isn’t that cute :)

There’s this colleague of mine - who means just business all the time. We were out on a team lunch and someone mentioned a dance recital. He immediately joined the conversation, because his little girl just had one recital. The moment we reached office, he called us to his office to show a dance video of his daughter. His face was lit with pride that I had not even witnessed even when he spoke about his patents.

Even a big celebrity magazine, just ran a whole issue on papas and their princesses.

Talking about myself, I cannot even start to explain the relation I share with papa. He is my idol, my pillar. His presence gives me confidence so much so that for every tough exam, papa has to come to drop me - has to cancel the most important court case.
It’s the faith that when papa is around, nothing can go wrong :)Touchwood!!!

My professor once told me that in Italian they have a very famous saying which means that “the father is the last wall between the daughter and the world” How true is that?

Protecting his precious baby from the world whom he perceives as an enemy when it comes to her, saving her from every small scratch that she might get , giving up pleasures that please him most for her. He’d do everything possible to make his daughter smile.

I know all this, because I see papa doing it everyday for me.

The funniest and the weirdest thing is that we go 100 times and tell momma how much we love her, but very rarely share this with papa. And the same is true for him too. How many times does he express it in words?

Don’t they say: like-father-like-daughter? :)

In my farewell party (for Boston), papa said that “we (papa and I) share a secret love affair”.

Can anything be more appropriate? :)

Love you papa…muahhh :)


  1. Sincere wishes to yu and yur papa!! that was a sweet post... too much memory draining on my papa now!..


  2. I m feeling jealous
    and I think I better buy a pack of tissues before papa reads this post
    vaise i will tell u one thing, me and papa are so possessive about u that one of us gets jealous if u get close to the other or share any thing with other.
    i read somewhere that for a father No boy is good enough and worth his daughter. I hope urs come up to the expectation of your papa.
    if you ask freud he will come up with a big theory about electra complex but this is true father and daugthers are more close.and in many cases girls start looking for father figure in their husbands. they want same qualities,same traits.

  3. awwwwn. this is the cutest post ever. thts how dads r the world over!!

  4. aww, how sweet a post is's so true, you know...i never tell my dad how much he means to me and stuff, but he knows it and makes sure i know how much i mean to him too...

    well written...

  5. Wonderfully written tears in my eyes!!

  6. Such a touching post. I wish you and your dad all the best. May your special bonding remain forever.

  7. Thats really the emotions of a daughter for her father...its beautiful!!

    Fathers dont express their love as what mothers can do...but love equally.

    Somehow both mother n father are important pillars in our lives..

    nice blog...n well written!!

  8. hey thats a sweet post...father daughter share a special bond..why i dont know :)

  9. @anjugandhi hahhaa... i dint know u both can be jealous... i tht i was the only jealous one :D:D

  10. @Zeba hahaha...thanks sooo much.. i know u r also a highly pampered daughther :)

  11. @Ersa i know ...dads are not so expressive..but a lot runs within

    @Parita awww thanks so much...

  12. @sm thanks so much

    @Nazish thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comments

  13. Indeed a very touchy post between the eternal relationship of a father and daughter. Loved it to the core of my heart....

  14. what a great post... you mentioned some really good facts and instances.. very touching!

  15. hey nice post :)..reminds me of my colleague who is a proud father of 3 daughters and he used to say that for a man :- with wifes there is desire , with sons, there is ambition but with daughters there are no words to express, its kinda special ..

  16. It is the life that we breathe into everything around us that makes them sacred. Everyone needs at least one such bondage of love, to feel sure of their place in the world. For the motorcyclist, its with his Harley that he might share a sacred bond. For some, love of the outdoors might be their life-long passion. You are fortunate that your heart is at the right place, by your daddy's side.


  17. Super. As they say, a father is a fellow who has replaced the currency in his wallet with the pictures of his kid.

  18. Good to know you share a close bond with your father

  19. a post for ur father... great gift ...

    hey nice template..

  20. New one? wow!!!!!!!!!
    nice tempelate
    this is more colourful and lively , more like u

  21. Awww... that was a delightful read.
    Cheers to you and your Dad! :-)

  22. Love is some thing which can never be described fully be it with any one .When it comes to father daughter relationship it becomes more special as u cant express in speech or written.

    Still u expressed it beautifully:)

  23. Love is some thing which can never be described fully be it with any one .When it comes to father daughter relationship it becomes more special as u cant express in speech or written.

    Still u expressed it beautifully:)